Here you will find some links related to our current units under study.

My thoughts include this semester's PBL, primarily in the creation of this website. Instead of creating paper copies of your projects, they can be created here. Specific instructions will be given in class to help you begin this process. This will allow you to work from home if you have internet access. This is pretty cool actually. You can leave messages for your partner as you work on it.

You may think the Holocaust is ancient history. You may also be thinking that this doesn't relate to you today. But think again. Here are a couple articles that appeared recently, one relating to the Holocaust that occurred during World War II. The other relates to possible connections today.
Perhaps you'd enjoy reading the thoughts of teachers from the East Coast from a few years ago about their experiences in a summer program related to the Holocaust - Becoming Witnesses.

Something important to consider when visiting web sites - how reliable is the information presented?
Some links that may interest you in your research:

The links forthcoming should be helpful while you read Night.

Holocaust Remembrance Day is today; remembrances began last week. Here are some links to articles that may be of interest to you:

Here's an article about genocide, calling April Genocide Awareness Month.