Cyberbullying threatens many lives, often causing disastrous consequences.
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Cyber Bullying is a repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

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Adolescents bullying each other is nothing new, but the Internet has changed everything. They have now taken to cyber-bullying, which can have more serious repercussions.

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Messages like this does not only threaten someone's life but it also causes
stress, fear, feelings of anger, or frustration.

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Anxiety, depression, low self esteem,weakness, sleep disturbances and concentration difficulties that affect their academic performance are some of the causes victims get because of cyber bullying.
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Some people do cyber bullying for "fun" with out thinking how it's going to affect the victims life.Victims feel like if they are being defined or their personality by the person who is bullying them. The word being told and name calling makes them have in mind that they are what they are being called.

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There are many lives who have chosen to take the route of suicide due to cyber bullying.
Don't be the reason why someone commits suicide!Think before you act or say something.
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Everyone has potential and no one can know just what you actually will contribute to this life.

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