Abuse Of Power In The Border

Having power does not mean people can treat others like animals

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Power does not mean takeing other peoples lifes away
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Why shoot a 14 year old that is looking for a better life??? (the american dream)Why do 12 boarder patrol officers need to surround a 42 year old men???
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Anastacio Hernande was attacked by 12 Boarder Patrol AgentsHe was arrested, and brutally assaulted
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Web side were you can see a video on how the Boarder Patrol Agents brutallu assualted Anstacio


Should be used only when is needed
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This needs to stop beacause as we saw this can lead to death
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Sometimes we do not hear about the things that happen in the boarderbecause the goverment knows that people are going to be creticizethe people that they have working for them
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