Results on monkey experiments do not promise hope to help humans.

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The humans body is just to live around places that are contaminated and that are not healthy because of the things that we consume. The monkeys body are just to live in nature where everything they eat is fresh and healthy. So the scientists are expecting to get the same reaction when they experiment on monkeys body to benefits the human. If they need living thins to experiment and learned new things or find something that would help humans should be that humans body when a person is death but their body still alive. Thats the best experiment that the scientists should do because no one would die.

the monkeys have not the same system as the humans beings.

external image animal-testing.jpegexternal image design-by-humans-sale2-250x432.png Scientists not always are going to get the same solution all the time.
they deseve the right to live free!!!!!!
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Is this an experiment or abuse?
what kind of humans do these to amimals that do not have noyhing to do with the humans diseases?
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Monkeys that are used for any kind of experiment suffer in a way some kind of abuse, because the scientists do not have feeling when they to do the ugliest thing to the innocent monkey just to get a positive results.
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experiments also cause mentally problems for the rest of their live.

Monkeys should not be use for experiments for many reasons. One is because they do not have the fault of the humans diseases. Monkeys should not pay the price to sacrifice to find new cures while humans keep creating more and more diseases. Another reason why monkeys should not be used for experiments is because the results on monkeys is not going to have the same results in the humans body just because our system is not the same. Last one is because they also have the right to live in a free natural place were nobody is bothering them as we like to live in peace.

external image PP2.jpgexternal image 0,,915785_4,00.jpgExperiments only destror their lifes FOREVER.

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